Why the Pro’s use us

We have become the UK’s Premier Specialist Archiving Scanning House of choice for many professionals. We offer superb top quality scanning at realistic prices and are one of the only companies in the UK that can handle and take on large quantities and scanning projects. Whatever your project maybe you can rest assured we have scanned bigger and more difficult projects. Our unique philisophy of keeping the original look of the original and our unique profiling workflow, means our images have life and that classic slide look that is always lost via digitizing. You will only get true to life, digital slides from Karmaan Scanning. Take a look at tsome of our clients we deal with on a day to day basis and see for yourself why they choose to trust us with their original images!

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Bulk Archive Scanning

We have scanned the entire back catalogue of images for Matthew Harris over a number of years, all images pre digital were scanned for the Golf Picture Library and have been used worldwide in countless publications and media. We set up a timescale structure and scanned 1k-2k at a batch, when these were completed the next batch was sent in and so on. We continue to scan for Matthew and have become good friends and always manage to fit a rush scan in for him. Thousands of our scans can be seen at www.golfpicturelibrary.com
All images copyright © Matthew Harris

Pro Sports - Tommy Hindley / Steve Wake

Bulk Archive Scanning

We scanned the back catalogue of images for Tommy Hindley at ProSports and on his sad passing in 2013 the task was taken over by Steve Wake. Well known as one of the great Tennis Photographers, Karmaan Scanning was trusted to handle the whole archiving service to maintain the image database for future generations. Over 20,000 images were scanned covering every aspect of Tennis.
All images copyright © Pro Sports / Steve Wake Images

JELLYCAT UK - LONDON www.jellycat.com

Original Illustration Scanning

We were approached by JellyCat to scan original watercolours, paintings and illustrations for their printed books. We scan high resolution original artworks and deliver press ready scans. We also photoshop and retouch areas as requested by Jellycat as well as laying out their books ready for print from their briefs. Scans range from A5 to A2 at 600dpi on our high resolution Fuji Scanners. www.jellycat.com
All images copyright © JellyCat

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SOLOMON NJIE - Concert Photographer

35mm Film Scanning for Book Publication

Karmaan undertook the entire scanning process of digitising over 30 year old negatives in not so brilliant condition, to obtain high resolution scans for a new book due to be published in 2017, highlighting Pop culture and concerts in the 80s and 90s.

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