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We have over 30 years experience operating High End Drum Scanners and are one of the few repro specialists who can still Drum Scan at high resolutions. Here are some scan examples and what to expect when we Drum Scan

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With Resolutions up to 12000dpi we can exceed all your expectations with our high end Drum Scanning Service

Use the Loupe Tool to take a closer look at some of our Drum Scanning Examples, then compare our samples to all the other companies offering a similar service!

We have been scanning and restoring the Archives of famous Science Fiction Illustrator, Jim Burns for Fine Art Giclee Prints at resolutions of up to 10000dpi. The originals artworks have long been sold to collectors and Jim was recommended to us to scan his 5x4 transparencies so he can produce limited edition prints to fine art collectors.

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The Fuji Velvia below was sent to Karmaan Scanning (along with 15 other originals) to be re-scanned as the customer was not happy with the colours, shadows or highlights from the scans he had obtained from another drum scanning company who had previously scanned them on a Heidelberg Primescan.

The series of images were very tricky, silky smooth Velvia images with a depth of colour only 645 film can achieve, deep shadows and subtle highlights and clouds in the sky.

We scanned them paying particular attention to colour matching the original Fuji Velvia originals whilst scanning them up to around 800meg a file ready for fine art prints. Needless to say the client was extremely happy with his rescans.

The scan on the left was from our ICG Scanner, the scan on the right is from a Heidelberg Primescan. Here you can clearly see the difference in apertures make and the difference in operator skill.

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Use the Loupe Tool to see the difference in sharpness below, Karmaans Scan on the left, Primescan on the Right.

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“Matt was extremely helpful, providing test scans and advice on the best way to scan my transparencies for the results that I needed. Colour rendition is extremely important to me and the scans compared very well against the originals. Matt was also able to provide the files in the exact format that I wanted, a service that other larger labs often don't provide without huge costs. A great service that I would highly recommend.”
Aaron Dickson


BIPPNI Landscape Photographer of the Year 2017
BIPPNI Pictorial Photographer of the Year 2017

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