35mm Black & White Film Samples

Here are some scan examples and what to expect from your Black & White Film

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Proof is in the Pudding!

At Karmaan we believe the proof is in the pudding! You may read all about the technical jargon on other scanning websites, and how they scan their images, but do you actually see any large scale samples? We don’t baffle you with science, thats for us to worry about, all the customer is concerned with is the images!

Black & White Scanning

Scanning Black & White film has it’s own set of problems, you cannot use any InfraRed cleaning on the imagery due to the high silver content, many different film manufacturers have a different look to their films due to the grain, we try and keep the nuances of the film stock to deliver great looking Black & White scans. Just take a look at what we do and judge for yourself and see why when we scan an image, that image rocks!

Use the Loupe Tool to take a close look at some of our 35mm Slide Examples, then compare our samples to all the other companies offering a similar service!

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