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Original Artwork, Paintings, Prints and Fine Art High Resolution Scanning

Each job and end requirement is unique so all Fine Art Scanning is Priced on Application, Please contact us to discuss your project.

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Above and below 5x4” transparencies scanned for fine art limited edition prints

4ft x 3ft 1inch thick Wood Panel Scanned for Steven Mciver, a series of 6 were scanned for fine art prints

When you have a large original people think the only way to digitise it is to photograph the original, yes you can photograph but with photography it usually loses the extreme detail. Usually Cross Polarising lights are used to ensure an evenly lit original, this not only kills any texture in the original but can often lead to unwanted highlights especially on thick impasto work. All lenses exhibit distortion and you are limited to the resolution of the digital camera.

We believe the only true way to digitise originals is on our specialist Scanners/ We are one of the very few companies in the UK who can scan large originals and retain all the details exactly as you would see them in the original up close.

Our specialist flat bed scanners can scan up to 5000dpi and can scan original artwork up to A0 size at any resolution, ideal for massive enlargements.

We scan original artwork and paintings for limited edition fine art prints, giclee printers, book publications and publishers. Having over 25 years experience in Reprographics and the print industry mean we can output your original optimised for it’s intended purpose whether it’s an Inkjet Large Format Giclee print or for CMYK Litho print.

We even offer a scan and design service for self published books, for those who have illustrated a book but have no idea on where to start to put it all together.

We can output your originals optimised for it’s intended use whether it is for Fine Art Giclee Prints, a book or publication or for museum gallery prints, we have over 30 years experience in the report and print industry to know exactly whats needed for each output.

For all Artwork scanning please email for advice, costs depend on the complexity of the artwork to be scanned, so therefor all prices are on application.

We scan original artwork for book publications, illustrations and paintings for Giclee Printing

3D Bead work scan for Hatch Limited Edition by Artist Sarah Gwyer

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4ftx3ft Original Painting Scanned at full size and below 100% crop of detail picked up

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Below: Watercolour illustration double page spreads for various children’s books, we can retain all the subtle details and textures of watercolour and oil paints that photographing alone cannot possibly manage to hold.

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Below: A Framed Original Canvas Oil Painting was scanned in 3D mode where as removing the frame would damage the painting. We scanned the entire wood frame and oil painting intact. Jobs like these are priced on a Special Per Job Request and are priced individually due to the complexity involved. Call for more details for scanning work such as this.

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