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High Resolution Large Format Original Scanning

Karmaan is one of the very few companies in the UK that offer a specialist large format high resolution scanning service. Using our high resolution modified flatbed scanners combined with our unique Multi-Stitch technique each original is scanned in sections and then stitched back together to form a seamless ultra high resolution image. Vastly superior to any photographic techinique or Large Format Roll Feed Scanner that can damage delicate paintings and original art. Our service is unique and file sizes can be in excess of 5GB using this service. Prices are strictly on application depending on original size and final output size.

We scanned 9 x 1.5metre x 800mm original paintings, took them up to 4.5 x 2.4metres and then joined the 9 separate panels up to create a whopping 40 metre image file ready for large format printing for a wall display.

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We scanned a 2metre original screen print and took it up to a 4gb file ready for a clients lobby decor

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100% crop of the image

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We scanned A0 original Gouache Paintings at 100% for gallery reproductions.

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