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35mm Slide Professional High Resolution Scanning

Scanning takes time and lots of manual labour to get the best out of the originals, our 35mm Professional Scanning Service combines any 35mm format whether it’s slides or negatives, the professional service utilises our vast experience in scanning techniques to deliver top end results, we have scanned many professional photographers archive collections and are renowned for our quality scans.

Each frame is assessed individually, scanned and then cleaned/spotted by hand, then colour matched to the original or corrected if need be usinour high end Soft-View D5000 Transparency Viewer.

We often trial many tests with the client before proceeding with large orders to ensure client is happy with the results.

We utilise our Imacon, Noritsu, Fuji, ICG and Kodak scanners only in the professional service. Take a look in our samples gallery to see the kind of images we scan on a day to day basis.

Prices below are guidelines, for a more accurate quotation or bulk discount please contact us direct to discuss your project

We have a minimum charge of £30 on all our professional services.

How are they Saved?

Scans are saved either and Jpegs or Tiffs, depending on how many you have and the whether they are Jpegs or Tiffs determine what they get saved to. Downloads can be set up for up to 200 jpgs etc, CD or DVD are free and a popular choice for archiving.

You can supply a USB stick with your order to save them to or we can supply a quality USB stick for just £10.

For larger projects a hard drive may be required again you can supply one or we can supply one for around £45

Please note: We Have a Minimum charge of £30 on all Professional Scanning Services

If your order does not total to at least £30 please use the Minimum order purchase box below to order your scans, this is due to the fact that even the smallest order of just one or two scans take considerable time to set up and process, all Professional Scanning Services are labour intensive.


35mm per slide / frame High End CCD Scan 100mb minimum size


Return Postage Royal Mail Recorded


35mm per slide / frame High End CCD Scan 250mb


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